YAM Notes: July/August 2019

By Steve Buck

Following on the heels of Chris Cory’s most generous 7 years as our masterfully dedicated, good-hearted Corresponding Secretary, we’ve recruited not one but three classmates to fill his shoes in the YAM Class Notes department, and also in the editorship of our long-lived, feature story-based class website, Yale62.org. These gracious volunteers to the newly-formed Communications Team are longtime co-corresponding secretary Steve Buck, who’s working with new recruits Dick Riseling and Chris Snow. Steve and Chris are both retired Foreign Service officers who lecture on their specialities, Steve the Middle East, Chris, public diplomacy. Dick runs a horse-powered energy independent farm and has interviewed Steve and others on his radio podcast show.

By the time you read this our website will have been re-launched. It will feature exciting new elements as well as the fascinating, widely varying classmate stories we’ve come to expect. Steve, Chris and Dick ask that everyone please send in color photos of themselves and any news they wish to share to webmaster@yale62.org. The photos are for use on the website as may be appropriate for articles, features, etc.

The website (Yale62.org) will feature a piece on the successes and challenges facing Yale and other top schools on Admissions policies by classmate Bill McGlashan who unfortunately is indirectly involved as a parent in the Varsity Blues athletic admissions indictments. Bill also contributed the following observations for these Alumni Notes: “ I’m pleased that the college admissions scandal has triggered a long-overdue National discussion on the entire spectrum of the admissions process. Regarding our Bill Jr’s (Yale ’86) arrest, he is very much looking forward to the chance to tell his side of what he actually did and did not do, which cannot occur until his case goes to trial. In the meantime, we four adult family members — Bill’s wife Marie, his sister Teresa and my wife and I — are supremely grateful that we have established over many years a great closeness and also a psychological/spiritual ‘depth’ such that at this time we are able to be both loving and supportive of Bill as he goes through a very deep process of learning what he can from all of this. It has the potential to be an important life-changing process for him. To be determined!”
Bill Sr will share some of his thoughts and life experience as part of our website coverage. Bill has led an unusual and fascinating life. Classmates who still have their 25th, 40th and 50th major Reunion books, would do well to read his submissions. These three books remain treasures about the years of our lives and reflections on Yale.

High in the Venezuelan mountains, George Cleary and his family continue to suffer from the mismanagement of the Maduro regime and U.S. sanctions. Life oscillates between grim and impossible, with electric power shortages greatly compounding all the difficulties. Meat has ceased to circulate. There is no cash. After much searching George and his son managed to find a bank open one day and waited two and a half hours in line to be able to withdraw 6000 bolivars – $1.50 – part of which was paid in Bs5 bills (brand new) worth a tenth of a cent each and not accepted in most places. Read more on the Yale62.org website.

David and Cindy Hummel, our most prolific world travelers, report that they have now visited 96 % of all the countries in the world. In Yale62’s re-launched website follow their adventures, impressions and excellent photos of Eritrea today. Then compare this to then newly-wed Steve Buck’s description of joining other U.S. Embassy employees and their families fleeing neighboring South Yemen on 48 hours notice 50 years ago in a DC 3, landing in Eritrea and exploring a country that rises from sea level to 8000 feet in a relatively small area.

For those of you bothered or intrigued by the tone of political debate, the April 15 New Yorker “Talk of the Town” featured Bob Rosenkranz and his Intelligence Squared U.S. debates. Read more at https://www.newyorker.com/magazine/2019/04/15/the-dump-trump-debate.

Norm Jackson, who moved to Australia 8 years ago, writes from Fremantle (near Perth, Western Australia), where he enjoys winters that never go below 50° F, good food and wine, and taking photos in its brilliant light — some of which he’ll try to share on our website. He also volunteers as a photographer and advisor to Reconciliation Western Australia (www.recwa.org.au), an organization that promotes better understanding between First Australians and later immigrants like himself.

Dickson Carroll had a solo exhibit of his colorful and whimsical wooden sculptures running through July 11 at the Addison Ripley Gallery in Georgetown, his first since 2011. He writes there are 21 pieces, including one that “depicts Notre Dame in Paris, very much in the news of late.” Dickson has agreed to share photos of some of his sculptures on our re-launched website

An important addition to our website is near real time information on classmate deaths. At the deadline for this article, nine classmates had passed away in the past 6 months. Sadly, we note the passing of these classmates: Daniel Allan, John Dowling, Paul Godburn, Daniel John Kelly, James Knowles, John “Rick” Light, Donald Stobbs, Joseph Terbell and Phillip Watson. Classmate-penned obituaries for these ‘mates will be posted on Yale62.org as soon as we’ve written them.

Yale advises that there are 779 known living members of the class from the 1,005 who enrolled in 1958. Our list has 579 e-mail addresses. If your e-mail changes, please send that information to Jean McKillop (webmaster@yale62.org) so that you continue to receive our electronic communications.

As noted above, we’re revitalizing and revamping Yale62.org to become more engaging and compelling. Please visit to see what we’ve been working on, let us know what you think, and send material and photos for the website to Jean at (webmaster@yale62.org).