T-Sniping (continued)

“…by a group of dissidents — people with disabilities and other disenfranchised folks led by a young man with Down syndrome.” Bill adds: “The movie will be raunchy, violent, gory, hilarious…but cathartic for anyone who is appalled by the current political situation in our country. It will also include a pretty cool song or two.”

The co-writer and creator, who has autism, is Adrian Esposito. With a pardonable touch of self-interest, Bill terms him “a visionary, a terrific film editor, and a creative force.” The film, currently titled “Special Needs Revolt,” has a major supporter in, and possible distribution deal with, Troma Entertainment, a 44-year-old maker and distributor of low-budget, independent “B” movies (“The Toxic Avenger”) which are mostly viewed via DVD and online. Troma is headed by Lloyd Kaufman, Yale ’68, who will appear playing himself and explaining how this movie has ripped off “The Toxic Avenger.”

Take a look — or recommend that your children and grandchildren look — at the video preview (click here). You’ll find the information regarding the crowdfunding process and its reward offers.

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