Weeden on the Red Carpet (continued)

“Fired?” A still from the trailer for Season Two. Assistant Principal Klemmer, left, played by Bill Weeden, reluctantly officiates at an expulsion from his high school.

The growing medium is “online video,” “streamed” to your computer. In the 15-minute episodes of the comedy series “Mr. Student Body President,” which spoofs ambitious politicians everywhere, Bill plays the Assistant Principal of a fictional high school, Mr. Klemmer, and Bill’s wife, the actor Dolores McDougal, plays the Student Council Adviser, Mrs. Honeychurch. This fall the series won two of the genre’s 7-year-old “Streamy” awards, for ensemble acting and for directing; far more important, it was renewed for 30 more episodes, which Bill and Dolores taped over the summer. At the end of November, that put Bill and Dolores on the red carpet for the new season announcement at Dave and Buster’s restaurant on Hollywood Boulevard in Los Angeles. They crashed for the night with Phil Proctor and his wife, Melinda Peterson.

Give yourself and your grandchildren a taste (and a topic for your holiday dinner) by clicking here to jump direct to the “trailer” for Season 2 and here for last season’s episodes, all on the online channel go90.

Renewed! Bill and Dolores on the Hollywood (Boulevard) red carpet

(P.s.: Bill’s wife starred in an independent film in 1964 which was lost to the universe, it seemed, until it was recently unearthed by a student at the Fashion Institute of Technology. “Light Fantastic” was screened last May in Manhattan.)

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