“Companionship and Appreciation” at Reunion (continued)

By Peter Clark

Survey results from 73 classmates have aided the planning chairs with valuable feedback. Getting about ten percent response was very helpful. Classmates who wish to respond to the ideas below or who have questions should email one of the three planners, who will be gathering January 12, and at later dates in February and March.

Peter Clark pelaclark@aol.com,
Peter Sipple sipplemp@gmail.com,
Daniel M. Koenigsberg dkoenigsberg14@gmail.com

Some decisions to date (in addition to all-reunion events, such as tours of new facilities, the President’s assembly on current Yale, and two mornings of outstanding lectures):

  • Friday and Saturday afternoons there will be time blocks for relatively small, moderated conversation groups. Some will start with one or two 10-minute presentations by classmates; others will launch with a few three-minute stories. The focus will be to have group members add their own experiences and perspectives on the theme. Among the topics will be both joyful and sorrowful challenges of the last decade. Planners will be using the survey respondents and other avenues to locate the lead-off speakers.
  • A strong interest exists for a way to focus on the constellation of issues, both nationally and at Yale, regarding free expression, cultural diversity and the influence of “political correctness.” The goal will be to offer historical context and perspective. The specific program avenue is not yet determined.
  • The Whiffs of ’62 will perform at dinnertime under the tent either Friday or Saturday.
  • Friday, we will all have the pleasure of an event at the Yale Art Gallery, with great thanks to classmate Steve Susman. Portions of the gallery will be open, and some short group guided tours may be possible.
  • Enough interest exists to organize a golf outing.
  • Ted Marmor will speak on Friday to the class based on his strong expertise on federal healthcare policies and systems.
  • Alex Garvin has accepted an invitation to speak t on Thursday afternoon about a theme closely related to his new book, What Makes a Great
  • A 30-minute Memorial Service for departed classmates will be held in Battell Chapel on Friday.
  • Joe Holmes’ Swing Band will play for the Saturday evening dance after the Class Dinner and Meeting.
  • Opportunities for other more informal athletic activities will be facilitated.
  • Remarkable menus guarantee that no one will be hungry.
  • The bank will not be broken, nor added luggage for the trip home required, by the memento for this event. The dominating suspicion is that most of us don’t need additional objects to clutter our lives. The goal is something small and functional.

Survey results steered planners away from a couple of ideas:

  • There appeared to be very little interest in women-only program options. Peter Clark opined that this might not represent the ladies’ actual viewpoints since relatively few were consulted in the completion of the surveys by the men of ’62. He hoped it meant that the men truly knew their wives’/partners’ preference to enjoy the reunion together.
  • Building a program time around affiliation groupings did not seem a high priority; the planners will consider a less formal alternative, perhaps as an option at one of the dinners.
  • No directory will be produced. Our sophisticated cost-benefit analysis pointed to showing everyone how to get quick, up-to-date information on classmates from the AYA website.

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