Rick Light Sculptures: Woman of Industry

"Woman of Industry," Western Michigan University

“Woman of Industry,” Western Michigan University

The figures in the Women of Industry series, … following the lead of Cézanne and Picasso, are derived from geometric forms: circles, ovals, spheres, hemispheres, and arcs. In 2005, a large version of “Clock I” of the … series won the bronze medal at the Salon de la Société des Artistes Français…. [The] women, in keeping with the attitudes prevalent during the industrial era, are not especially nurturing or warm. [In that time] women, just as men, were pressed into service in early factories, enduring conditions that were both dangerous and dirty. One could argue that, in the late nineteenth and early twentieth century, much of women’s femininity was suppressed, and women were not allowed to exhibit much tenderness and maternal love.”

Noted Philip Palmedo, a physicist, art critic and author of The Experience of Modern Sculpture (Schiffer, 2015), “The combination of solidity and sensitivity in the Women of Industry is terrific.”

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