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  • Bertram Culver

    Why not make the more or less ousted master & mistress of the Yale college honorary members of the great Class of 1962 for the upcoming reunion? Who gives a fig what the president of the university thinks. Their sin? They had the temerity to counsel their residents to let up on what one might wear on Halloween. Go along, get along. I am not likely to attend, but for damn sure if they were asked, much less accepted, I would take a hard look at my calendar.

  • Bill Weber

    To be sure, the various cabinet and other high position appointments are important and the hope is that congress can keep some of the inexperience and contrary notions in check—-but I see the Sect’y of State as being the most important and largely free from Congressional oversight. The dangers in foreign relations are immense–where is Geo. Marshall when we need him?

  • George Grumbach

    Bill, alas, you are another voice crying in the wilderness. How much worse can it be for the EPA to be headed by a climate-change denier whose boss thinks that climate change is a Chinese hoax?

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