General Comments on the July 2016 Issue

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  • Steve Howard

    [On “Should We Talk Gentle About That Good Night?”] I’d definitely be interested in a panel on death and dying and also discussion of “ageism,” as suggested by Michael Flicker. It’s hard to think of subjects more relevant to our lives now that we are in our mid-70s. If these subjects make some people uncomfortable, they are obviously free to skip any such program. Nobody takes attendance.

  • Bill Stott

    [On the Hummel feature] Bravo! Keep traveling–and tell me if you get (again, I assume) to Santiago, Chile. My wife visited Cesky-Krumlov this February and was as smitten as you.

  • Michael Flicker

    [On “Should We Talk Gentle About That Good Night?”] Good idea but I’d focus more on “ageism”, as well as various strategies about aging well as long as health permits. By ageism I mean societies bias against the “old” as well as our own denial of being “old.” Lots of good stuff being written about this now.

  • Roman L. Weil

    [On “There are going to be some awfully red faces down in Linda Vista.”] Jim: Good to know where you are and have been. We teach that lesson this way. Imagine the stock market goes up 1% [or 10%] today and down 1% [or 10%] the next. And repeats this for each pair of days for a year. Where will the market be after a year of such pairs of days? Most students, most business people are sure: right where it started.

    Get out your calculators. Or, watch mine on the screen. You’ll be broke. Your intuitions about percentage changes are wrong.

    I think we can teach that lesson in about five minutes.


    • Jim Stein

      Thanks to the Yale ’62 website and Roman’s comment, I got in touch with Roman and we are going to meet in a couple of weeks after a short pause of 54 years. Hopefully others can benefit from this site — as I have.

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