We Will, Too, Always Have Paris
(And, It Seems, Arguments over Terrorism)

Mushroomings, wild and not-so-wild: Le Letty’s soup and the Cathedral of Sacre Coeur, a Montmartre landmark.

By Kent Ravenscroft

In a recent email, Patti and Kent noted the following: ”We are in France and despite the horrific events recently in Paris, PARIS is still PARIS, the city of light, and France is still France, home to some of the richest art, architecture, music, literature and especially the most delicious food and wine.

“Getting back to enjoying the basic pleasures of life is happening as people look forward to the December holidays and the New Year. We walked to Montmartre, where we had lunch at a little bistro, Le Bistrot du Maquis. The chef, André Le Letty, was formerly the chef at La Tour d’Argent. His food is scrumptious, especially the partridge and the wild mushroom soup.

“So Carpe Diem, ‘don’t let the bastards get you down,’ and remember, ‘living well is the best revenge.'”

Al Chambers, who relayed the above, adds:

Two observations: On one hand, the Paris attacks are receding, except as the starting point of what for now is believed to be a whole new dimension of the terror problem.

Second, many in this country, including most of the Republican candidates and “experts,” now contend that security and terror will be the main, or a main, election issue through the actual voting. Part of their tactics are to say that President Obama, because he doesn’t have an answer or really want one, is just hoping there will not be an attack on America during his term. What goes with that is that if there were an attack, strong American retaliation would be expected. The various scenarios both before and after get very political very fast.

It was interesting that President Obama in his Tuesday Paris news conference carefully combined Climate Change, military, security, and terror issues. He clearly understood that the global audience was watching to see what level of leadership he would try to establish for the United States on each of the issues.


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