By Chris Bent
From the Book 1-800-For-Women-Only

We refer to you as “skirts.”

Started in the 30’s and 40’s… then drifted away in use until the ’90’s per Google. Yep-0, that is one good looking “skirt” and I don’t mean clothing. I guess we guys have had all kinds of slang expressions for the thing that confuses us the most. YOU. If I started going through them all I am sure I would get in trouble. No way am I going to do that.

What is this primal attraction? Why is it so unavoidable? Why do we men often make fools out of ourselves because of one of you? Maybe there is a basic truth cloaked beneath. Really basic.

You all can get so prettied up that we get dizzy from the allure of your unique beauties. Deep down beauty is often hidden by pre-judging the surface immaturely. The hint of lust clouds all reason. All the time. Slam dunk.

Furthermore you encourage it as beauty and fashion secrets are shared and withheld at the same time. LOL.

So dear Skirts… do you hold the upper hand? Maybe not. As we both become victims of the love quest, we cast reason aside as the nearness of pleasure becomes attainable.

Love is not what we think it is. We touch the surface until a child is born. Then a possible out-of-self existence becomes a possibility. Caring not for self, but only for others, is the sole ennobler of life. You can only become who you were meant to be if you find the ultimate joy of self-sacrifice for all in need who you can help. This is really heavy, but elegant and simple at the same time.

I call it Skirt Sense. Let us show respect for existence by respecting values, by giving in to a love that is beyond self, and by making every day important by serving at least one other person.

Hold a hand.

Make someone feel wanted.

Say “no” when it is for the better good.

Take a bullet for someone.

Laugh at self.

Embrace love.

That is Skirt Sense.

I prefer them shorter.


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