Combined Comments for the April 22, 2015 Yale ’62 Issue

Need we say more? Please make your comments for all of the articles in our April 2015 issue below. Thanks very much.

7 comments to Combined Comments for the April 22, 2015 Yale ’62 Issue

  • Noel Hanf

    Superbly done, as are all the communications by Chris & his colleagues. It’s helpful to think about a subject before it’s time to make decisions. I’m sure many of you have read Atul Gawande’s Being Mortal: Medicine and What Matters in the End, about the limitations of modern medicine, but if you haven’t, I recommend it.

  • Steve Buck

    I cannot say it better than Henry. Well done Jon.


    Steve Buck

  • Henry Childs

    Jon’s praise of the wisdom of trees strikes an old tree hugger like me as a most refreshing affirmation of faith. And his quiet acknowledgement of how we all meet challenges of major import to our bark and trunks has the serene note of wisdom that brings us full circle back to my favorite life form.

  • Pete Cohen

    Terrific issue. As a “pack rat” of astounding degree, I can only add (my wife’s) suggestion: Don’t be! The old books and unfiled papers, documents, receipts, etc., etc., will be a valueless burden to our survivors.

  • Good point, Wyllys. I’ll probably do a short post relaying comments if more come in. Thanks.

  • wyllys terry

    Well organized and informative. Would suggest that we each also talk with our doctor(s) about our wishes.

  • Anything you can do to amplify or critique parts of this package will be welcome, because some of us may send it along to friends, and we will explore with the AYA making some sections of it available to other Yale classes.

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