General Comments for Our November ’14 issue

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2 comments to General Comments for Our November ’14 issue

  • Steve Susman

    With my wife Ellen now working as Director of ART in Embassies at the State Department, we have a 5th residence in DC and I see her on the weekends when she commutes to NYC. I divided my summer between Aspen and Napa and travelling with Ellen to London, Rome, Berlin and South Africa where she was hosting receptions with our ambassadors. I’m still actively trying lawsuits and am about to create a Seventh Amendment Center to study the jury trial as an instrument of our democracy. I get back to Yale several times a year for Art Gallery Board meetings.

  • ken lockridge

    I’m happy to see soo many of you still active. My hill running, flyfishing long hilly walks just ended in severe spinal stenosis. Knew it was coming and got alot of life in first. Gues, s I’ll have to write my opera on Jefferson and Sally, here in the Swedish winter dusk. But I’ m delighted so many of you still fish, golf, travel. Press on!

    Ken Lockridge

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