The Livingston Family Softball Game (continued)

By John Livingston

“Bumping into Lech Walesa in Gdansk. The encounter with Walesa happened just after we came through an archway into the old city where the door to his office was. He was walking towards us and quickly disappeared. He is easily recognized and there was a brass plaque with his name on it next to the door which I photographed. Quite a happenstance, considering he is pretty much synonymous with Gdansk.

“In August we boarded a Norwegian cruise ship out of Seattle to Alaska with two of our 17 year old granddaughters; we’re threatening to teach them how to play bridge. They are quite excited and the parents jealous. Meanwhile, over the 4th of July, we trekked back to the right coast, to our Hunnewell relatives in Wellesley, MA, where I especially enjoyed seeing my six Boston siblings after a few years absence. The family staged the 125th anniversary of the family softball game. About 250 showed up and I played in one of the three simultaneous games. Each team had about twenty players so the at bats were limited and the fields were saturated with defenders.”
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