Villains, Voices, Villas, and a Forthcoming Autobiography (continued)

By Phil Proctor

“We’ll be staying with friends, at B&Bs and thanks to our Starwood program, in some fancy hotels. We will be ranging all over, with reasonable stays in Milano, Lake Como, Bologna, Vernazza, Napoli, Pisa, Pompeii, Puglia, and parts unknown — ending with 10 days in Rome. We then plan to see our colleague, Michael McShane in “Assassins” in London before visiting my high school pal, George White and his wife, Sue, in their new digs in March, Cambs. — returning Christmas Eve.

Meanwhile, I’ve been reprising villains for “Assassin’s Creed” and the next Batman game, adding voices to Pixar films, acting in “The Curse of Oedipus” and “Morning’s at Seven” at Antaeus while taking Italian classes con la mia cara moglie, Melinda. Most recently, I appeared as the cockney burglar in G.B. Shaw’s “Heartbreak House” in a live audio presentation for the CART Radio Players  with Ed Asner, Samantha Egger, Charlotte Rae and the great Norman Lloyd as Capt. Shotover, to commemorate his upcoming one-hundredth birthday; Leonard Maltin hosted the event which will be broadcast on the Sirius XM network.

Firesign Theatre is also preparing a DVD package of our films and other visual appearances, including home movies for release end of this year, to augment the recent reissue of our collected works, including “Anythynge You Want To, Shakespeare’s Lost Comedie.”  Finally, I will be editing the final version of my autobiography, Where’s My Fortune Cookie? while away, for distribution in 2015.

Other than that, I’ve been watching my grandchildren, Audre and Bowen, grow…
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