Reagan to Glaciers (continued)

By Bill Stott

I was in California in July, and high school classmate and listservees Beth Lynch and her husband, Harvey, a fabulous pitcher for Scarsdale High School a couple of years before Beth and me, generously picked me up and took me to the Reagan Presidential Library, with which they have been much involved. You see us on the gangplank into the Air Force One, a Boeing 707 that served presidents Nixon through George W. Bush. The plane is embedded in the library, which will never happen with another Air Force One because they are now too big.

Jumping time and geography, you see me beside a map welcoming travelers to the end of the world, Calafate, in Patagonian Argentina. Irene; her mother, Lucy Eytel; a family friend, Tere Reposi; and I went there in September to see, among other things, Perito Moreno (, one of the world’s largest glaciers (as big as Buenos Aires and its near suburbs, we were told) and one of the few that’s growing.. The blue patches in the glacier show where the ice is most compacted. The black patches are dirt. Perito Moreno was in fact a man, Francisco Moreno (perito means “expert”). He was an explorer of much of the region surrounding the glacier, which he in fact never saw.




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