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2 comments to GENERAL COMMENTS ON YALE ’62’s JULY 2013 ISSUE

  • steve howard

    I just want to say that you guys are doing a terrific job. The Yale Class of 1962 web issues just keep getting better and better–a way better communication vehicle than the class notes in the alumni magazine, which are usually quite boring. Have you considered just bailing on the magazine and putting all of your efforts into the web issues? I think Yale really needs to rethink the whole class notes concept.

    Please keep up the good work

  • Henry C. Childs

    Hey, guys, just a word to let you know that my latest novel, “Oblivion”, has been published (by Create/Space at Amazon). It follows the efforts of an astrophysicist in London who fears that dark matter and Mother Nature are conspiring to rid the planet of all humanity. With the help of one of Britain’s more famous witches, not to mention Scotland Yard, he pieces together the evidence that leads into ever darker corners of the mind.
    Aside from kidney failure, I am enjoying the “Pyrite Years” (another of my (funnier) novels), having added landscapes to my writing routine.

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