By Ken Cascone

Non Yale Club members pay cash to a member who orders for them. With the 25th anniversary approaching next year, Pat recently compiled a list of the Eli Eaters of ’62. From Allen to Zorn, 65 in all.

Animated discussions are the rule. In small clusters or table wide. we thrash out the political issues of the day, the clash of conservatives, liberals, and independents resonating but all in good fun. Other topics, personal and social, are explored.

One of the highlights is the Dow Jones pool. This is the brainchild of Patrick Rulon-Miller, known as the Chancellor of Exchequer, who runs it and keeps extensive computer records of each pot and the winners and losers. The way it works is that for $1.00, each participant guesses the Dow’s average for the next luncheon. Closest guess wins. The trick to winning, besides zeroing in on that number, is (a) you must show up and (b) Pat must show up. In 2012, Pat led the winners, raking in pots totaling $15. Four others won as well.

I can honestly say we’ve never had a disappointing get-together. Our batteries, flush with Yale’s rejuvenating juices, always seem to be recharged. Classmates who did not know one another wind up walking away with new friends and a greater appreciation for their unique experiences and accomplishments, as if personal enlightenment flashes on a road not taken.

On February 28th we had a larger turn-out than usual, with new guests like Mike Levine, now retired but a long-time physicist at Brookhaven Laboratories, living in Port Jefferson, Long Island, and Peter Sipple, an ordained minister and former headmaster of prep schools in Portland, Oregon and the Salisbury School in Connecticut, now a retired resident of Cornwall-on-the-Hudson. (Chris Cory sat next to him.  See following item.)

Other attendees included Prince, Larry Price, Tad Ogden, Steve Danetz, Richard Davis and Ken Cascone. See what you missed if you weren’t there!  But don’t worry, there’s always another lunch date the next month.  Let nothing deter you from attending.  I’m convinced that along with the Mediterranean Diet and regular exercise, health benefits accrue from these injections of conviviality and comradeship.

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