A job well done. Jim relaxes a bit at the end of the reunion festivities.

Wow! Men, that was one splendid 50th Reunion celebration. Nearly 600 attended I’m told, including 334 classmates. We came from far and wide. Everyone, and I mean everyone, had a terrific time.

This four-day event was made most enjoyable because of the hard work done by Reunion Chair Bob Oliver. I dealt with Bob repeatedly over the past several years so I can testify to the blood, toil, tears, and sweat he put into this reunion. Well, perhaps not blood and tears, but certainly toil and sweat to create a program chock full of interesting and varied (academic, athletic, cultural, and social) things to do. He did an amazing and awesome job.

Speaking for all of us: heartfelt thanks, Bob. And additional heartfelt thanks to Class Book Editor John Stewart and Gifts Chair Bill Reilly for the superb jobs they did.

I could also use the word “wow” to describe my five years (2007-2012) as Class Secretary. It was interesting and rewarding, and a whole lot of fun too. I really enjoyed it. My term ended at the reunion class dinner on June 2 when a new 6Y2 leadership team was elected:

David Honneus, Secretary;
Bob Connery, Treasurer; and a trio of stalwarts,
Chris Cory, as Corresponding Secretary and
John Stewart and Steve Buck, as Co-Corresponding Secretaries.

These five fellows have long demonstrated their affection for our class (and for Yale) by participating in various ways, as class officers, in class activities, or both. Our class is in good hands with these men as we go forward.

I also want to mention that we elected a second honorary class member (Prof. Donald Kagan is the other one): our State of Maine webmaster and first female classmate, Jean McKillop. Jean works cheerfully, efficiently, and expertly to ensure our class website (www.Yale62.org) is the best around. Welcome aboard, Jean.

Finally, I want to end this note the way I ended my brief talk at the class dinner. To all my classmates I say: Happiness and Good Health in all the years to come.

James K. White

Yale '62

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