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  • Hello, Chip; I hope the lack of comments to date has not caused you to abandon hope — and I hope you’ll see this one.

    I am Y ’71, and came to your essay (tome?) via a scan of the ’62 Class Notes, which I occasionally glance over because my brother Nat Childs was originally a member of your class. [Nat took a couple of years off to get married, and graduated in ’64, which I believe became his official class year.]

    And I came to it after reading the YAM piece on Michael Mann — to which I added my two cents in support of Mike, YAM, and Neela Banerjee, also sent in as a letter to the editor — so I was primed for your work.

    I am the former National Speaker, and sometime climate & energy campaigner, for Greenpeace in the U.S. (mid-’80s to mid-’90s), and subsequently served regionally with the Sierra Club and the MN Renewable Energy Society. So I’ve been steeped in climate and energy stuff for about 25 years now, and get in deeper, it seems, by the day. Your piece is one of the best overviews I’ve seen, and I’m keeping it on my desktop for re-reading; we have some differences when it comes to solutions (I’m no fan of nukes, for one thing), but your wide survey of the climate landscape, and your Herculean effort to be fair to those skeptical scientists who have legitimate accomplishments to their credit, were very good to see.

    You can find my Banerjee article comment (from which you can probably infer a good deal about me) at the 10:32 a.m. March 21 mark in the comments if interested, and if you’d like to have a further private exchange, there’s an email link on my website, I’d enjoy corresponding with you if you have time & inclination.

    Cheers, Christopher Childs

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